What is Reiki?

REIKI is again a non invasive healing method based on the one’s body’s energy originating from Japan.  

The founder, Mr Mikao Usui , wanted to elaborate a natural healing method, detached from any religion. He used the  http://jpcraighomebuilders.com/slide/i5/ Japanese natural ancestral traditional “hands on healing methods”  to establish “Usui Reiki”.

online pharmacy cytotec no prescription Usui Sensei recommended that some simple ethical ideals be practiced to promote peace and harmony, which are almost universal in all cultures. 

Usui Reiki provides healing sessions to people, to assist them in making their energy circulation balanced for a holistic wellbeing which means physical, physiological and mental for the one to remain healthy calm, feeling at peace and happy.


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go to link REIKI is a Japanese word :

  • REI is the expression of “the Universal Energy of the Living”, present in all things and designates the celestial aspect: subtle, invisible; 
  • KI is the Chinese “chi” or Indian “prana”: the internal energy of every human being.

REIKI is the energy that the followers of Martial Arts, Karate or Qi Gong and Tai Qi apply to maintain, develop, and improve their physical abilities and / or increase their longevity.

It is the same energy that flows through the body via the meridians along which specific points are used by the acupuncturists in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Reiki is a technique of Japanese relaxation that is practiced by hand positioning on the dressed sitting or lying person.

Reiki is a natural method of helping to balance and harmonize the energy centers of the body, releases physical and emotional tensions or blockages, invigorates or soothes the organs, improves health, provides relaxation, appeasement, general well-being, and inner peace. (like this Panda)


Reiki is used in disease prevention and as a complement to any medical treatment that promotes assimilation and efficiency and/or can limit side effects.

Reiki brings benefits from the first session, but it is recommended to receive several in order to perceive the significant benefits and achieve long lasting well-being. 


 A Reiki practitioner never transmits his own energy, he “Captures”, “Canalise” and allows the circulation of the Universal Energy between the Source (the Universe) and the Receiver (the person treated) to harmonise the individual vital energy “chi” or on another to promote his personal well-being, that of his family, his friends, animals, plants.  

Reiki is an “intelligent” energy, which diffuses itself in the parts of the body that need it. Its circulation or “flow” stops, when the energy of the body is globally balanced and harmonious.

All human beings are Unique, with their qualities, strengths, weaknesses, desires, needs, aspirations, creative abilities, and so on. It is possible for all of us to live this experience in complete freedom and consciousness. It is particularly beneficial to design this practice or use it as a “WAY” as an EVERYTHING and therefore to experience its various facets at its own pace. A regular and sustained practice will have positive repercussions on all the levels of our Being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).  

Reiki brings us to know us better, allows us to do a real work of purification, and reveals the best within us.


Is there any adverse effects practicing Reiki?

Because there is nothing about a Reiki session that can interfere with conventional medical care, Reiki has no known contraindications and can be used concurrently with any medical intervention.

Can I get Reiki support if I am under medication  ?

The touch of Reiki is very light on or even off the body. The recipient is not required to ingest any substances, so there are no concerns about mixing substances (such as herbs) and medications prescriptions.

Is Reiki recommended after a surgery?

Reiki will not override the action of medical interventions, but rather support the patient while he or she goes through them, restoring balance in body, mind, and spirit to the degree possible. Patients who feel well even when fighting chronic illness are more likely to complete their medical treatment and be active partners in their health care.

Can Reiki intensify symptoms?

Occasionally people experience a temporary aggravation or intensification of symptoms during or after a Reiki session. This may be as simple as a momentary feeling of discomfort at the site of an old injury or surgical scar. Such an experience resolves quickly and may be part of the body’s process of healing.

Is there a risk of receiving too much energy?

Because the activation of Reiki pulsations in the practitioner’s hands adjusts to the changing need of the recipient, and stops when appropriate, you can’t get too much Reiki, no matter how long the practitioner’s hands are in place.

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