What happens in a EFT session?

Whatever you will read about EFT nothing beats trying it yourself to feel the benefits.

If it’s your first session: You will have received an email confirming your appointment which will be 1.5 hour long, together with a personal and health history survey.  You are asked to take time at home to read and fill this one prior to your appointment so you have it ready. When you come to your appointment we can start by reviewing it, you can then share why you are coming and what you expect to get  out of your EFT sessions. I will give you a brief introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique, and then will teach you the different points where to tap. Yu are very welcome to ask questions at anytime as it is worth you understand what happens, for you to be fully aware and participative.

You will also be asked to sign a consent and release letter. Please rest assured any information shared will be kept confidential.

I encourage you to prepare ahead of time in order for you to get the most out of your session. (please refer to the “How to prepare” on “Usual questions” page.)

If it’s a follow up session, it will last one hour, it is also advisable to prepare in advance.  I encourage you to take notes and record what happened after the last session. It is beneficial if you can share with me what has been changing and what you’d like to work on at this time.

Recommendation for getting the most of your session 

  •  Arrive at least 5 minutes early,This will help you feel more composed and 
  • receptive.
  • Swicth off your mobile
  • Have a good hydration
  • Bring a notebook or some paper: You may want to record some key reminders or moments.
  • Let your intention be clear about the reason you are here, this will help change to occur

You will be sitting comfortably, facing the practitionner.


You will tell the history of the issue that is causing distress in your life;

You will be asked to evaluate the level of your distress on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 is highly stressful and 0 represents no stress.

The set-up phrase is spoken by the client and repeated by the practitioner while together we will tap on the specific points : on the face, torso and hands.

After a round of tapping, the level of distress score is taken again – usually it will  have reduced;

Further rounds of tapping with other set-up phrases for associated aspects of the issue will be made until the score level is down to or near zero. At this stage the issue will have been disarmed;

In some cases “homework” will be given to you to continue working on your issue by yoursel until you will reach a score of 0.

EFT sessions are done either face-to-face, or on Skype or by telephone from wherever you are in the world . that’s why EFT is so convenient and easy. We recomment video conference anyway to allow checking our synchronycity and accuracy of point during tapping.

EFT can also be organised for a group on a monthly base, with similar issues or as an informal sessions (with the exception of holiday periods) that are open to everyone. A great energy is usualy created within the group and participants are able to experience direct benefit from EFT.

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