What happen during a Tui Na session?

A typical session of TUI NA is practiced on a person dressed in comfortable clothes lying on a massage table or sitting. 

The practitioner adapts to the specific needs of each person thanks to the diversity of TUI NA techniques that combine gestures made with different parts of the body, applied on different areas of the receptor with more or less force or pressure.

TUI NA gestures 

  • Friction,
  • Kneading,
  • Stuffing
  • entry
  • vibration     

Parts of the body used to apply Tui Na “massage”

  • Finger,
  • Thumb,
  • Palm,
  • base of palm,
  • Slice of the hand,
  • Wrist
  • Elbow …)

The part of the body of the receiver that will be touched.

  • Skull
  • Neck
  • Shoulders,
  • High or low back
  • Members

The strengh applied which can be strong, medium but also very soft.   In addition the pressure digito proceeds by stimulation of the points of acupuncture to treat the internal diseases.     

Is it true that TUI NA is painful ?   Vigorous massages, or strong ones that can be painful or uncomfortable during therapeutic massages in particular. This is sometimes necessary to tone a muscle or energy point so the practitioner must be able to communicate and the recipient to whom it is advisable to tell his feelings.  Most of the time I useTui Na at the end of the session to allow my client to evacuate the superficial tensions, most often located along the neck, shjoulder, upper or lower back as well as limbs.

Are there any contraindications for receiving Tui Na?

  • Poor general health.
  • Fever
  • Skin problems,
  • Dermatosis,
  • Recent sores or scars.
  • Recent Surgery
  • Inflammation arpound joints,
  • Infectious diseases,
  • Bone Diseases and to the skeleton
  • Phlebitis, 
  • Heart problems

Do you use creams or oils for TUI NA ?

The TUI NA is normally performed on the clothed person, through the garment, or by putting a piece of material on the applied body’s area. It is possible for some deep massages to use a cream or an oil. Should you have any allergies, I recommend you bring your own products.

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