I had pain in my left arm that prevented me from carrying or pushing. I had hurt myself by lifting a suitcase.
It was not an annoying pain all the time but she regularly reminded me as I cooked, grabbed my bag, pushed a door, raised my arm …
I asked Cécile to help me to relieve myself of this pain and to help my muscle to heal.
After the kinesiology session, I returned to my daily life … After only 3 days, I realized that I no longer felt the pain since my kinesiology session !!!
And since then, the pain has never returned.
A big thank you Cécile



After a busy week of stress, I was in the state of  “I have had it up to here” with a throbbing pain between the left shoulder blade and the spine. I felt stuck. Cécile has found thanks to the muscle testing, the psychological blockage and access my physical node and she could free me from this state. All without manipulation. A big thank-you!


Cecile practiced kinesiology and reiki on my injured foot (ligament stretching) to relieve the sharp pain that prevented me from advancing without a crutch.

I first went to see a GP who offered cream and tight bandage, but I was to travel for 3 days and wanted to recover faster.  I had nothing to lose if I tried one session with Cécile. I my case she has done Reiki, and right after the session, I noticed a decrease in the intensity of my pain. What has impressed me the most has been the accelerated recovery: my foot and ligaments “in ball” have recovered, relaxed, at a much faster speed than the two previous times  I had injured my foot and I had only used a generalist few years ago. 

I must mention that I discovered had kinesiology for my sleep problems: prolonged sleep is a “rare thing for me.” During each session of kinesiology I was surprised to find myself in a state of calm, gentleness, presence and listening to my body as qualitative. My sleep was improving during the following weeks.

Kinesiology and Reiki have been helpful for me in relieving physical pain and also a moment of well being to offer to myself  when the daily flow is rich and intense .It is a good habit to take to stay aligned!

 I recommend Cecile!


Many thanks Cécile for this discovery session of laughter yoga.  

As you know, I’m more of the introverted type and do not reveal much about myself ….. I must tell you the truth : I first came to please you (and a little out of curiosity too), because laughing at an assembly, even with friends is pushing me out of my zone of comfort ….May be my delay to start the session can be interpreted as an unconscious will not to participate.  

Once I arrived, I played the game, I let myself take it anyway, and I realized that this was actually a way to lighten up the insignificant daily problems that rotten your day ….

During the meditation phase, I really laughed at myself : my exaggerated reactions to things , my incommensurable art to rot my life for trivia …..   So for the fact that I will not bug my son tonight as rotten fish because he still forgot something at school, I tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH  it was realy worth the experience! and ….. do not plan to get rid of me too easily because I believe, no, I will come back !!!!!!  

 Many thanks,


A GREAT THANK YOU to Cécile for a hilarious session and a nice introduction to the laughter yoga.  Hahahaha Hohoho. I’ll sleep well thanks to you!  


Hello Cécile,  First of all, thank you for proposing this activity and for your commitment.

So, I only came once but I realy enjoyed the session !! I have not been there enough times to talk about the benefits over the long term, however, I enjoyed the positive momentum and dynamism with which I came out the day I was there.

The course of the session was very good for me (never too long or too short, things were well connected). I will recommend these sessions to my friends. Thanks again ! 



Good evening Cécile. Thank you for laugher yoga ! A few months later after a long and hard work day, on the bus on my way home you just “Popped out from my mind”. I just tell you that Laughter yoga is still very useful for me to release the tensions after a little stupid failure. ). Tonight again I enjoyed knowing the Laughter Yoga technic as I could release the waves of anger !  The smile I have at the moment is proof of its effectiveness. See you soon


A time for a feed back from Monday’s Laughter Yoga session: It facilitated my breathing and I could release a lot of air trapped the all day after.

The next day, I was feeling more peaceful than usual but also felt very determined, with a very good concentration. Was such a very nicefeeling to experiment !

This is it  ! I definitly think it’s really related to Monday’s Laughter yoga session, I feel so obviously the link between the release of the breath and my state of mind.

 As for laughters, I guess they helped too. A big thank you for this discovery and your dynamism to make things happen. I will come with great pleasure on the 6th, it is already scheduled on my agenda. Have a good week and see you soon !


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