FAQ about Laughter Yoga

What should I expect or experience after a LAUGHTER YOGA session?

We are all individuals, coming at a time of our lives, in a context, and with a history and different needs. How can one predict how each participant will experience after a session?

However I you can tell you the experience returns and testimonials to guide you and do not let you in the blur.

Of course, the profits of the LAUGHTER YOGA practice are many (all scientifically proven) for the physical health and moral health, the mood and the social relations, (as I have outlined in the page “What is the yoga of laughter”)

  • Deep abdominal breathing exercises allow empowering the oxygenation of the body. The Association of motion and movement promotes the blood and lymphatic circulation, favoring the “Nutrition and the elimination of toxins by your body and therefore to fortify your energy. Furthermore, LAUGHTER YOGA strengthens your immune system and contributes to the healing of pathologies such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, depression, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, back pains and significantly improves sleep disorders, migraines, pain and the list is far from ending.
  • Mental Health, which combines the “mental” and the “moral” is surely improved by the LAUGHTER YOGA practice. Thanks to by exposure to a joyous time, even if forced or not sincere (as I explained in the presentation “What is LAUGHTER YOGA?”. There is no need to have desire to laugh or to have a sense of humor. LAUGHTER changes your mood in a few minutes by releasing endorphins (Which are the famous hormones of the well-being and pleasure”. Also the modern science explains through many media that the quality of our days depends on our sleep and our mood: If your mood is positive, then your day will be joyful. LAUGHTER strongly contributes to more positive life perception.

Come and be open to the experience, see what will happen for you.

After session feelings:

  • Stress or pain has disappeared or at least decreased.
  • Emotionally more “grounded”.
  • Mind is clearer, and brighter.
  • More at peace with oneself, more confident and self-esteem is improved.
  • More comfortable with your relatives and rapports are eased.

Sometimes people feel tired just after the session when others feel energized, but usually they will both feel stronger to face daily challenges, more confident, more motivated, in a better mood and that this continues for several days.

I got some feed backs also of some people who had experienced strong difficulties during the first session. They came back anyway and persevered to reach their goal of feeling the benefits at the end of the third sessions; because with the LAUGHTER YOGA, there is no judgment, there is no “well” or “bad” but the aim is to get wellness.

Try not to judge how you feel after a session, be in the pace of observation: may be you will find a few changes within yourself or around you in the days or weeks after the session.

How shall I get relaxation by practicing LAUGHTER YOGA?

I always prepare my sessions in advance according to that the group’s mates know each other or not, according to their progress, if the clients came before or not. I choose the exercises in my “LAUGHTERS Bar” and combine them each time in different cocktail, based on a theme or a story.

I lead the rhythm but may also adapt further the group participation. When you are lead and that you laugh, it is impossible for you to think about your concerns or worries. You are in a consciousness and mental relaxation, which is advocate by Doctors for mental health, especially in a period of stress.

In addition, when laughing, your body and your muscles relax naturally driving you to your body relaxation.

Should I prepare before a laughter yoga session?

I would say no, just come as you are! In the mood of the moment!

I would say that the more you think, concentrate or prepare, the less benefits you’d get.

When you’ll join the group we will ask you to unleash your daily habits, your reflexes and forget for one hour your awareness, consciousness and get out of the tracks of social rules to try to find your playfulness as when you were a child.

Tips to get the greatest benefit of the session:

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes prior session, in order to not have the stress of being late.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Have a proper hydration and bring some water to drink during or after the session.
  • Bring a yoga mat for meditation and relaxation, should you feel uncomfortable lying on the floor.
  • Have the clear intention for an improvement or a change, be motivated.

Who can practice LAUGHTER YOGA and is there contraindications?

The LAUGHTER is universally well tolerated, further Dr.Kataria aim who designed its method for it to be accessible and easy for all: whatever the age, the physical or mental health, the social category, the field (school, company, association, hospital, retirement homes…) so that everyone take advantage of the benefits of laughter.

Even those who are in a bad mood, who are depressed or who do not have the sense of humor can take advantage of a LAUGHTER YOGA session!

Come and bring along all those who you think are in need.

Caution is given to any people with certain pathological conditions.

  • Fever,
  • Acute or persistent cough causing breath shortness, asthma risks,
  • Heart diseases of severe angina
  • Acute back or cervical pains, hernia.
  • The uncontrolled hypertension
  • Unprotected incontinence
  • Further a major recent surgery it is recommended to wait for a period of 2 to 3 months.

However your doubts please get advice from your GP or Doctor.

And nevertheless I always remind at the beginning of session for anyone to care and respect either about oneself and other group mates.

I have experienced the benefits with different people and groupd  even those with physical and/or mentally disabilities, or during recovery.

Welcome to a group, be open to the journey, discovery and to what will happen for you and how you will benefit.

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