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Due to Pandemic I can practice from distance, so you stay in your home, and I work from my home, and results are amazing !

Thank you for visiting my profile ! My life is actually an interesting Journey ! My name is Cécile Thomas I am a kinésiology, Reiki and EFT practitioner and I am Reiki and Laughter yoga Teacher.

My name is Cécile Thomas, I am a wellness consultant practicing holistic complementary practices : Kinesiology, Laughter Yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki and Tui Na to help people on the pathway to their wellness and health full potential.

And I am Reiki and Laughter yoga Teacher.

Originaly from Tourism field, I guided and accompanied in several European countries for 6 years. I settled in Hong Kong in 1998.

These years in Asia have allowed me to discover, understand, appreciate then to integrate and present the traditions, history, cultures, and ways of life. I started my company Doubles Faces in 2001, to either guide French or English speaking tourists. I offered supporting orientation and advises to newcomers, in order to facilitate their installation, their adaptation in their new Home and environment.

My curiosity and learning interests were fed and enriched by learning about natural alternative medicine methods that combine Western knowledge and Asian practices: Kinesiology, Laughter Yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique, or purely Asian Reiki and Tui Na.

All are related to the work on energy and bring real benefits on the body and mind for the well being. In a desire for personal evolution and in order to give benefits to my loved ones, I have learned, practiced and integrated them.

Further success and rewards I have opened my company Harmony Me in 2016 in Hong Kong in order to help more people understand and experience my practices for their benefits. I then got the honour and opportunity to work with Dc Susan Jamieson in her clinic in Hong-Kong, until I moved back to France after 20 years abroad in 2019.

Certified for each of the practice, I guide, and support those who seek improvement or even change in their lives. Most motivating and inspiring for me is to witness in 3 to 5 sessions only, the progress and the evolution of those who come to me. They try a new experience as media to help them to release the stress that was afecting their life (physical or emotional). I help them regain self-confidence and manage to give new impulse or another approach for their life or carrier.

By balancing your energy, I help you feeling your” Harmony”

By teaching Reiki and Laughter Yoga I also allow people to practice self healing and helping their beloved. 


I was born and raised in France. I was a very sporty teenager and wanted to become a sport teacher to help children understand sport’s benefits for health. But the teaching profession was evolving at that time and I thought about kinesitherapy. At the same time, I was fortunate enough for my parents to offer me my first International trip and that’s when I discovered traveling was my new passion.

Enriched by learning History, Geography, Art, Culture, Religions and Traditions I became a tour guide and travelled all around Europe with groups for a Bus Tours Company.

When I arrived in Hong Kong in 1998, with my husband and young son, I started my own company offering services for visiting, discovering, learning about Hong Kong. Soon I found myself working for relocation companies, helping newcomers to facilitate their transition into a exotic new “home”. 

In 2011, my husband and I were ready for a challenge ! We decided to make our common dream of traveling the world come true ! We wanted to discover more about the World and share the experience with our 3 children in order to explore different cultures and traditions, experience the various ways in which these cultures live and think, and to “be outside the box” for a while…

This amazing 9 months experience of freedom, has allowed us to meet an wide array of new people. This world Tour has given all of us the gift of adaptability, and taught us the value and joy of living with less material comfort.

Coming back to Hong-Kong after this sabbatical was then the opportunity for me to use my newfound experiences to make a significant change in my professional life. That’s when I discovered Laughter Yoga,band Kinesiology, which together led me to explore then practice Emotional Freedom Technic and Reiki.

I am an optimistic person and I have always liked to laugh. Motherhood brought on more responsibilities, which combined with working and living afar from family, gave fewer opportunities eventhough the children always had us join them in their spont


aneous laughers!

I started to be a Laughter yoga leader in 

Hong Kong with Pauline Fung in March 2015


I then got certified as a Laughter Yoga Teacher in France with Fabrice Loizeau French and European Master in July 2015.

I now lead individuals or groups sessions of laughter yoga in schools, local associations and companies and find very rewarding to help people get relieved from stress, feel more relaxed and move on their lives confidently.

As a client, Kinesiology led me to an incredible path of self-discovery, and awareness. I found it so empowering that I decided to switch my career from “acompagnying”, “guiding” and supporting all over Hong-Kong to “acompanying”, “guiding” and “supporting” people to their wellness.

In September 2015, I started to train to become a Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology practitioner, with Brett Scott and Sean Belkey at Kinesiology Asia in Hong Kong. I received my certification from Hugo Tobar’s International Neuro Energetic Kinesiology University recognized by Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) in July 2016.

I have been practicing since then. I had the great chance to practice kinesiology and Reiki at Doctor Susan Jamieson Integrative clinic from march 2018 to July 2019 when i decided to move back to France.

I regularly keep enriching my skills and methods, which effectively help people get rid of physical ailments and or release emotions. I specialise with Burn Out, Leaky Guts, Allergies, breathing problem and help people to get back to their SELF.

Many of my clients acknowledge that I had accompanied them of their path back to self confidence in going forward in their life, or in getting back a resourcing sleep which led them to an improvement in their lives.

Some people who had tried many methods or doctors before,have finally found a solution, thanks to the muscle test used in kinesiology. I could trace and find the origin of their symptoms, work the appropriate and specific need to make them recover an energetical balance and harmony. Testimonies

Every day now, I feel grateful to have become conscious of potency of these methods. I continue adding techniques and refining my knowledge to sharpen the tools I already have acquired to help people

Emotional Freedom Technic with Caroline Rhodes for which I got certified as Practitioner, in March 2016 in Hong Kong.

Reiki: was recommended to me for balancing my own energy after working with kinesiology. I started to learn and progress with Reiki, with no idea how much benefit this technic would give to my entire life. I decided to add it as one of my practice and services program since certified level 3 by The Japan Reiki Association, tought by Satoe Sasaki in Hong Kong in March 2017.

In June 2019, after one year training, I became Teacher – master in order to fulfil my wish to teach to as many people as I can. I wish them and you to get to know how to use this simple, easy, natural method using energy in order that more people will get supported to their wellness with that amazing easy, natural and beneficial method, as wished Mikao Usui San. I am honoured to be the ambassador in France from NPO Japanese Reiki Association.

When you will come to see me, you will not be a patient waiting to be cured or fixed ; you will be an active participant in your journey to recover YOUR HARMONY.

We are all “unique”, every human can “heal” himself. Unfortunately during human life evolution, we have forgotten about our “Nature”.

I will be happy to balance your energy to help you retrieve your ability and full potential to HARMONY.

Contact me cecile@harmony-me.com

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